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Summer Summary

It's been a while since our last post. Fortunately this is because we have been very busy mainly due to the weather.

Since our last post at the end of May stating that we thought summer was here, we can confirm that summer definitely graced us this year.

The first main event for the boat since our last blog was in fact that the boat went to Weymouth with a group without us. We went on Holiday to The Faroe Islands looking for cod haddock and Monster Plaice, and Kelleys Hero went to Weymouth with Legendary skipper Paul Whittal.

The guys had 5 days in Weymouth looking for Turbot, Plaice, Pollack, Cod, etc etc. They had a great time, and so did we. So next year the boat will be going back to Weymouth with Paul, and we will be heading back to The Faroes with a few of our customers.

We landed at 10pm on the 8th June, and we were heading straight back out the next day with an inshore trip.

It was a pleasant surprise with the inshore fishing producing some nice Bream, smoothounds and rays. The inshore fishing kept at a steady pace up until the end of August, with the summer species tailing off, and no sign of the winter species yet. We hear that there is a few cod and whiting showing off of the beaches locally, but we have seen nothing on the boat so far.

Our evening trips were running regularly at this point every Friday evening with a full compliment every time. The fishing was full on with each of these trips with the fishing getting manic around sunset.

Drifting the wrecks really tailed off after the last blog, with the average day on the wrecks producing no more than around 15 pollack per trip. We were hoping that the summer cod fishing on the wrecks would pick up but this wasn't to be when we realised that we were only picking up 1 cod per trip. There were a few trips where we saw a few bass on the wrecks also. We are hoping to start our drifting for pollack this year on the 27th December.

Our turbot trips to the offshore banks started in July. Our first couple of trips were quite slow fishing but productive. And with every trip, the fishing picked up. We are seeing catches of around 35-50 turbot and brill per day.

Not only do you catch turbot and brill on these days, we see other species including Blonde rays, undulate rays, Greater Weavers, Red Gurnard, Tub Gurnard, Bream, Bass, Tope, Plaice, Dogfish, pout, and a new species to us this year a grey gurnard.

The mackerel fishing on these banks has been phenomenal compared to our local inshore marks. The biggest mackerel we landed was around 2 and half lb.

On the same day that we caught the mackerel, we happened to spot and semi catch a porbeagle shark which was estimated at 9ft long.

He swam past the boat within touching distance, and after stating that no one will be able to catch this shark 10 minutes later one of our anglers pulled in a dogfish, which this porbeagle happened to snatch from him. The rod, and rig set up was nowhere near the right gear to try and get this shark to the boat. As quick as the shark took the dogfish, he spat the empty hook.

We have done a couple of over night stays this year. Our first trip was to Dieppe. We started fishing on our way over to Dieppe on the banks, to try and get some turbot before crossing the channel. We succeeded and shortly after we crossed the channel to the French side and fished for some more. Now day 1 wasn't as successful as we had hoped on the French side as we seemed to hit more greater weavers and scallops than we did flatfish. We stayed in Dieppe for the evening, went out for a meal and a drink then after breakfast we hit the banks once more.

Day 2 proved more productive for us on the French side with the biggest turbot being landed of 10lb. We ended up with around 40 turbot with the anglers taking one home each for the table.

We have already booked 2 Dieppe trips for next year. If you are interested get in touch and we can give you the other available dates for a Dieppe Trip.

The other over night stay we did was The Weymouth Conger Festival.

We steamed down there on the Monday Evening, and we fished the Tuesday and the Wednesday.

Day 1 saw us land around 30 something eels with the biggest at 42lb going to Dereck Wilson and Day 2 saw us with around 25 eels with the biggest going to Mary Cairns with an eel of around 45lb.

Mary was the star of the trip winning the Lady's trophy and the biggest eel on the boat. This isn't bad considering Mary had never fished for congers before, and she caught over 10 in 2 days. Mary came 52nd out of 96 anglers. Well done Mary.

We are returning next year for the Weymouth conger festival, and this time we will be fishing all 3 days. There are 3 spaces for this as we speak, if you are interested please give us a call.

One of our new trips for 2018 has been the addition of Slow Jigging trips. We have done 2 so far, and these have been very productive. The trips are inclusive of 1 jig, and there is a maximum of 8 people per trip. There are more jigs available on the boat to buy if you lose some or just want to try something different. These are provided by SAME Fishing in Taiwan. Species include Pollack, Cod, Bass, Gurnard, and Wrasse.

During the summer we ran a series of half day trips. These proved very popular and they will be running regularly throughout the school holidays all year through (expect Christmas holidays).

Kelley's Hero is Sponsored by Dave Barham as stated in our newsletters.

We run a series of specialist trips with Dave on board. If you keep an eye on Dave's website, you can watch for these trips coming up here: https://davebarhamfishing.com/events/

On board we keep a range of Dave Barham Fishing rods including the DB1, DB3 and DB4. We also stock these to sell.

In August we held our Annual Northey Marina Conger Competition. We had 2 visiting boats for this comp, these were Last Laugh from Lymington and Snapper from Weymouth.

Snapper landed the heaviest eel, with Last Laugh landing the 2nd and 3rd heaviest eels, and the most.

We were due to go to Alderney this year but unfortunately the gear boxes on the boat decided after a little accident with some static fishing gear they were no longer going to be in action. We were out of action for 2 weeks whilst we had 2 new gearboxes fitted.

Our over 60's trips have proven popular again all throughout the summer, so we will be running these again throughout the winter. Unfortunately we won't be changing the price due to fuel increases. So these trips will remain at £40 per person.

Now we are in September we are getting ready for our winter season. There are a couple of offshore turbot trips left, a few anchoring the wrecks/reef trips left and our regular over 60s trips left.

The wrecks and reef fishing has been productive, producing some nice size congers, bullhuss and tope.

If you have been out with us this year and you would like to leave us some feedback, could you please visit: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g186298-d8630295-Reviews-Kelleys_Hero_Charters-Portsmouth_Hampshire_England.html

All your reviews are gratefully received.

Our winter diary is now starting to fill up, we have individuals days on Wednesday's and Fridays. The fishing varies on these every week so please look at our schedule to see what is happening on these days.

The over 60s days will mainly be on Tuesdays, and our weekends are mainly filled with full boat bookings.

Our winter offer is: Book the full boat midweek for £500 to include rods, tackle and bait for up to 10 people.

Our winter competition will be:

The heaviest cod caught on the boat (not including cod Caught on the Northney Marina Cod Competition) will win 1 free inshore space, and a Kelley's Hero Hoody.

The heaviest whiting caught on the boat will win 1 free inshore space, and a cap.

Our Northney Marina Cod Competition will be running on the 21st and 22nd November 2018 from Northney Marina. We have 20 boats booked in for the competition. There will be 8 people per boat. To book please visit: https://www.northneymarinafishing.co.uk/2daycodcompetition-2018

If you want to be added to our text list please message 07795538933 and ask to be added.

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